Participation allowances

Children have more opportunities when they take part in childcare and education. The 'Groeipakket' stimulates this taking part via participation allowances. These will be allocated automatically if you are entitled. You do not need to request these explicitly.

Childcare allowance

The childcare allowance will be automatically allocated if you are entitled, you do not need to request this explicitly.

If you use Dutch-speaking childcare in Flanders or Brussels where parents do not pay based on their income, you can count on a childcare allowance of €3.23 per child per day of childcare. A half a day of childcare will entitle you to half that amount. Your child must not yet attend nursery school in order for you to be entitled to the childcare allowance. Even if your child still attends childcare half days, you will no longer be entitled to this allowance.

The number of childcare days will be notified by the childcare provider to Kind & Gezin, which will pass this information onto your payment fund. The allowance will be paid each month on the 20th of the month following the month to which the allowance refers. Unless this day falls on a weekend or a public holiday.

More information on the childcare allowance is available via this link.

Toddler allowance

Parents of toddlers three years old registered for Dutch-language education and toddlers four years old who remain registered and attend school frequently enough receive €132.60 extra per year. This allowance will be paid annually after the child’s third birthday and/or fourth birthday if this condition is fulfilled.

If the toddler has not fulfilled this condition for any school year by the time he is four years old, a check will be carried out at a later point as to whether the toddler attended sufficiently during a school year.

A child will be considered as having attended sufficiently during a school year if he:

  • has attended 150 half school days at the first preschool class if he has reached the age of three years during the year in which the school year in question begins 
  • has attended 185 half school days at the second preschool class if he has reached the age of four years during the year in which the school year in question begins 

Parents whose toddlers are unable to reach the minimum value for either school year due to illness may submit a certificate to their payment funds in order to still retain their entitlement to the second childcare allowance.

If you are entitled to a childcare allowance, your payment fund will allocate this automatically. You will not have to request this allowance explicitly.

School allowance (starting from the 2019 -2020 school year)

Parents of children from three years of age who follow Dutch-language education in Flanders or Brussels can count on an annual school allowance if their parents’ income (or that of the parent and his or her partner where the child is domiciled in the case of divorced parents) fulfil the income condition.

From September 2019, you will receive the school allowance via your 'Groeipakket' payment fund. You no longer need to submit a request to the Education Allowances Division for a school allowance for toddler, lower or secondary education. The education allowance for Higher Education remains unchanged and is still allocated by the Education Allowances Division of the Ministry of Education.

Parents living with their children in Flanders will no longer need to request their school allowance from the 2019-2020 school year. Automatic allocation of rights is optimally anticipated. The entitlement is automatically examined and allocated for a child already known within the 'Groeipakket'.

The pedagogical requirements still apply as for the previous school allowance. Parents of pupils from basic education who do not attend often enough (nursery education) or who were absent without due cause for more than 29 half days (primary education) may forfeit their school allowance. Parents of pupils who were absent without due cause for 30 half days in two consecutive school years (primary and secondary education) or who did not attend often enough (nursery education) will forfeit their allowance for the second year. 

If your child follows Dutch-language education or attends Flemish childcare but does not live in Flanders, click here for more info.


PRIMARY EDUCATION Average €148.00/year
SECONDARY EDUCATION Average €682.00/year
HIGHER EDUCATION €50.00/year (on top of the education allowance)