As of 1 January 2019, families living outside of Flanders can also claim Flemish participation allowances

  • If your child attends a childcare facility licensed by Kind en Gezin (the Child & Family Agency) and you don't pay on the basis of your income, then you can count on a childcare allowance of 3.23 Euros per child, per day of childcare. 

  • Pre-schoolers aged 3 years who attend school, and pre-schoolers aged 4 years who continue attending school and satisfy the attendance requirement, receive for 2 consecutive years a pre-schooler allowance of 132.60 Euros. This allowance is paid annually following the third and/or following the 4th birthday of your preschooler, providing the conditions have been met. This is for education recognised and/or subsidised by Flanders and applies from birth year 2015 or younger.

  • As of the 2019-2020 school year, less affluent families may be entitled to a school allowance (for pre-school, primary or secondary education). The amount depends on your income and education attainment level and is awarded per school year. The Ministry of Education shall continue to grant the study allowance for students of Higher Education, supplemented by an additional 50 Euros/year. 

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How to apply?

1. Select your own Flemish 'Groeipakket' payment fund:

Made a selection? Then you will automatically receive the money to which your child is entitled. This is the quickest method.

2. Not made a selection? 

No problem. You will automatically receive the money to which you are entitled. The childcare facility or school will pass on your child's information to the 'Groeipakket'. The public payment fund, FONS, will begin making the payments. They will subsequently contact you to request that you select a payment fund. You prefer not to select a payment fund? Then you will automatically remain linked to the public payment fund FONS.